Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Visit from one of our sponsors--

One of our great joys here in Yako is introducing sponsors to their precious children. Today was one of those days of great joy.

Linda Wilk has sponsored two of the children in our orphanage since 2005 and today she met her children face-to-face. Linda said that although this was the first time to meet them, it was as though she already knew them through their letters, pictures, and exchanges.

Barka had prepared a meal of spaghetti and grilled chicken for Linda. The food was well prepared and very tasty. Barka’s mother, two of her brothers, and her mother’s sister-wife were all there to greet us.

Barka just finished the 10th grade and passed the BEPC, the standardized test which allows her to continue to 11th grade. We are very proud of Barka.

Alexis was ready and waiting for us when we arrived in his village. Alexis is a very quiet and shy boy but there was a twinkle in his eye that showed he was so pleased to meet Linda.

Alexis just completed the 8th grade with a very good mark of 12,75 out of a possible 20. He will be entering the 9th grade this Fall.

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