Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Tea Party

When you consider the power of a 7-year old. . . . well, she can accomplish a lot. But, combine that power and energy with a second little 7-year old, just look what happens.

Emily and Ali are best friends and they decided that they wanted to do something to help our orphans in Burkina. So, they formed the idea of having a ‘tea party’ and inviting their friends and their friends’ moms to come for an afternoon of fun and fellowship.

Well, somehow the idea grew and grew until many people were involved and as a result, these little girls raised over $2000 plus are sending 100 dolls and 70 soccer balls to our children in Burkina.

What a blessing these toys will be to our children! And what a blessing it is to see the Lord sewing his seeds of love in these little missionary hearts. Jesus hears the children when they pray and we cherish your prayers.

Thank you Emily and Ali! And thanks to all of the moms and friends in Benton, KY who helped to make this ‘little idea’ such a huge success.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A New School Building!

It is with great joy that I write to tell you that we broke ground on the construction of a new school building! This building is the largest school building that we have ever built and it will hold 4 classrooms. It is exactly twice the size of our current 2-classroom secondary school building.

This first picture is the contractor, the quality control specialist, myself, and the director of our primary school in a site meeting to sign papers.

Digging the foundation--

There is much to do to be ready for ‘Back to School’ 2012-2013. We will need to have more desks made, order books, hire teachers, etc. But, we are so excited to be growing again and we are so thankful for each of you who have labored together with us in prayer and in your financial support to make this possible. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you!

Is There a Family for Marie?

Ten year old Marie has been lost in the Social Services system. Because she is an albino, she has suffered physically and has faced much rejection. Her mother abandoned Marie with her maternal grandmother who was unable to care for her and she became malnourished. At a young age, Marie was placed first in a center for malnourished children and then in the orphanage where she remains today.
In all this time no one in her extended family has ever visited Marie, let alone come forward to care for her. As a result of all investigations, it is because of prejudice that the family has rejected Marie.

Marie is currently still in the second grade at school. She cannot see well enough to do the work and there is no program in place to help her succeed. Although some effort has been made to correct and to protect her eyes, the care available here is not adequate for her needs. She also suffers greatly due to the harsh African sun.
Marie responds to affection but is guarded as though she has become accustomed to rejection. She has a quiet spirit, yet is friendly and has a sweet smile.

Sammy – Just Waiting for a home --

Sammy is nine years old. She is the product of a teen-age affair between her young mother and a transient construction worker father.

When Sammy was just an infant, her mother died of malaria. An elderly grandmother cared for Sammy for a short time, but the grandmother did not have the strength or the means to care for an infant and sought help from the government social services. Sammy was placed in an orphanage.

Sammy suffers from a slight paralysis of her right arm and leg. She walks well but cannot walk long distances and cannot run. She can use her right arm and hand but not completely normally.

Sammy is friendly and affectionate. She is currently in the 5th grade which is very advanced for her age.

Sweet little Benjie, available for adoption --

Benjie is 2 1/2 years old. She was found by a street vendor when her cries were heard from an abandoned house. Her mother and father are unknown.

With the help of physical therapy, Benjie now walks but with a limp. Her right arm is shorter than her left arm and her right hand is smaller than normal. She can use her fingers and right hand and with more advanced physical therapy her hand may become more useful. In every other way her development is normal.

Benjie is bright and engaging and loves to play with the other children in the orphanage. She is affectionate and loving.

Please pass Benjie’s story and picture along to any of your friends who are thinking or praying about adopting a little girl.