Friday, January 07, 2011

New School Books

Our Australian friends, Jill and Alyssa, came in with big hearts to serve and also with contributions from home to buy more school books. We had already bought some books but were still in need. Thanks to their fund raising efforts and faithful friends from Australia we were able to buy new books for our primary school and for our 7th grade class.

For our 7th grade class we bought History books and copies of a novel that the children needed for their French class.

This is a picture of Alyssa and our 7th grade class.

Meet Josias

Introducing Josias, born on December 13, 2010!

Josias came into the orphanage on Jan 1st. His story is that his mama is not well mentally and his papa is unknown. There are a few holes in his story. . . . but pending more in depth information and a home study, Josias will probably be available for adoption.

Josias is good size for a Burkinabe newborn and he is eating good!