Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank You, KOV!

KOV stands for Kids Of Victory. KOV is a summer kid’s camp held each year by Southgate Church in Crestwood, MO.

In total 750 children attended KOV this year throughout 3 different sessions.

This year, KOV chose Sheltering Wings as their mission emphasis project. The children learned about Burkina Faso, learned about our project here, and participated in various fun activities to help them understand the differences between their culture and the culture of Burkina Faso.

The children played relay races hauling water from the well.

They practiced balancing things on their heads to understand how the people in Burkina carry things.

The children formed competitive teams throughout KOV and in total, they raised over $2000 towards new school desks and school books for ‘back to school’ this Fall. In addition, two more of our children are now sponsored as parents heard about our project.

A huge THANK YOU to Becky Powell, the KOV team and to Southgate Church for choosing us your mission project for this year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New School Building is Completed!

We met yesterday with the contractor and the quality control specialist for a final walk-through of our new building. The work is finished and we walked through each classroom looking for any small or large thing that was not finished or needed attention.

Nothing major was found and everyone signed a paper agreeing that the work is finished.

Afterwards, we went out for a little celebration time for cokes and grilled chicken. Lots of fun!

We are so thankful for each one of you who have contributed to this project and prayed us through it. We are now ordering new school desks, new school books, and preparing for October 1st, the first day of school.
We will be moving our 5th and 6th graders into 2 classrooms on the school complex property this year. And, we will be holding 7th, 8th, and 9th grades in the new building.

We will be running 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades in our existing primary school building.

So thankful for all that the Lord has done!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ten New Mango Trees

Yesterday a local association created by our social worker, Ely, came by the orphanage with a gift of 10 mango trees to plant in our courtyard. Their association is focused on handicapped and vulnerable children. They are currently a group of 14 young men from various professional backgrounds such as social work, educators, business people, and medical people.

They dug the holes and planted the trees and then quietly left not asking for anything in return.

And then this morning, God sent a generous rain to water our new trees! Thank you Ely for this gift of mango trees and thank you, Lord, for the rain!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ibrahim - Little Prince

Birth date: 28 Jan, 2003

Ibrahim was brought to the orphanage on December 20, 2010 by a social worker. He had been found in the region by a nun. Every measure possible was made to find his parents or extended family. But no one has been found and no one has come or called to ask about him.

Ibrahim had been staying at a different center but because he was tired of the fact that no one could find his parents, he started running away from the center. It was one time when he was lost that the social worker took him to his present orphanage.

Ibrahim says that his grandfather is named Awonnon, his father is called Seydou, and his mother’s name is Suzanne. But he does not remember his father’s family name.

Ibrahim is in good health. He does not have any handicaps or illnesses that hold him back mentally or physically. He was tested for Hep B and AIDS and both tests were negative. His blood type is O+. He has a good appetite and eats whatever is prepared for him.

Since arriving at the orphanage, Ibrahim has been calm and alert. He sleeps well and gets along well with his peers. However, he is quick to react when someone annoys him. He is described as a sensible and reserved boy. He is very loved by his care-takers.

Ibrahim arrived at the center in the middle of the school year (2009-2010), so he was not able to start school until the Fall of 2010. He passed first grade and this year (2011-2012) he was in the second grade. Ibrahim was frustrated with school though and refused to complete the 3rd trimester. He is in agreement to returning to school this Fall (2012).

Ibrahim needs a family to give him the love and security that he desperately needs.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feed'em All Volleyball Tournament--

On August 4th, the Crossroads St Charles Young Adult Ministry held a volleyball tournament with the proceeds going to our orphanage in Yako.

On a stifling and steaming hot Saturday evening, 14 teams of excited and motivated volleyball players gathered at the Sandbox in Wentzville, Missouri. There was a fight to the finish in a round robin style competition for a prize of six tickets to a Cardinal’s baseball game.

These young people are the volunteer team who put the event together. From left to right, Sarah Heinsz, Julie Richardson, Dane Westhoff, Renee Hunn, Dave Hunn, Liz Cornett and Tim Hunn.

And here is the winning team! The team captain, Brian Miller, is standing second from the left. Their team name is "Saucy Jack and the Rippers".

The event brought young and old together and raised over $3,000 to feed the children in the orphanage! Thanks so much to everyone who worked and played to make this event such a success!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bartholemy was Released From the Hospital Today

Saturday Update - Day 9

Today was a great day! Bartholemy was released from the hospital so Kimberly and I took him back to Yako. He is much, much stronger. He is walking well but tires easily.

It was hard for Barto to leave Edouare still in the hospital. But, with the way Edouare is improving we are hoping that he also will be released in the next few days.

Kimberly and I had the courage to go by and see the mini-van on our way back to Ouaga this afternoon. We thought about going by to see it earlier. . . but, just were not ready to see it.

Considering that it rolled completely over and ended right side up, it really does not look too bad. The luggage rack on the top may have protected the kids greatly in that the top really was not dented very much at all. All of the widows were knocked out and it is battered and beaten. You can see the offending back right tire that blew. But, considering all, we are thankful that no one was hurt more than they were.

Once again, thank you so much for your love and prayers. You are making a difference!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Accident Update--

I realized this morning that I have been diligent to put updates on the Sheltering Wings FaceBook page. . . . but, that I have neglected blog updates. Sigh!

In order to not type for pages and pages, if you are not aware and want to catch up on recent events here, please seek out our FB page.

In brief, the boys are doing much better. They both suffered serious head injury but they are responding to their treatments and each day we can see that they are getting a little better. They are now able to sit on the side of their beds and to eat a little rice or some fruit and then they lay back down and sleep.

We praise God for his loving faithfulness because:
  • Phoebe was released from the hospital and she is doing well. She will be returning to the hospital tomorrow (Friday) for a return visit to the eye doctor.
  • All of the other children are either recovering at the orphanage or have returned home to their villages.
  • Lucie, our sweet French friend, has been released from the hospital in France and she is recovering at home.
  • For the many friends in France, Canada, and the US who have responded with encouraging words and with tangible support for our financial needs.

A couple of HUGE prayer requests are:

  • Both boys cannot see out of their right eyes. This is the side where they received the greatest shock.
  • Bartholemy cannot hear out of his left ear.
  • Both of the drivers are still in critical condition with head injuries.
  • Pain management for our boys and the two drivers.
Our God is a faithful God and he is good!