Thursday, August 09, 2012

Accident Update--

I realized this morning that I have been diligent to put updates on the Sheltering Wings FaceBook page. . . . but, that I have neglected blog updates. Sigh!

In order to not type for pages and pages, if you are not aware and want to catch up on recent events here, please seek out our FB page.

In brief, the boys are doing much better. They both suffered serious head injury but they are responding to their treatments and each day we can see that they are getting a little better. They are now able to sit on the side of their beds and to eat a little rice or some fruit and then they lay back down and sleep.

We praise God for his loving faithfulness because:
  • Phoebe was released from the hospital and she is doing well. She will be returning to the hospital tomorrow (Friday) for a return visit to the eye doctor.
  • All of the other children are either recovering at the orphanage or have returned home to their villages.
  • Lucie, our sweet French friend, has been released from the hospital in France and she is recovering at home.
  • For the many friends in France, Canada, and the US who have responded with encouraging words and with tangible support for our financial needs.

A couple of HUGE prayer requests are:

  • Both boys cannot see out of their right eyes. This is the side where they received the greatest shock.
  • Bartholemy cannot hear out of his left ear.
  • Both of the drivers are still in critical condition with head injuries.
  • Pain management for our boys and the two drivers.
Our God is a faithful God and he is good!

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