Monday, March 01, 2010

A Tribute to Kadi

1 March, 2010
Kadi was born prematurely at about 7 months. Her mother and father were not married. Her mother did not receive adequate pre-natal care. Her mother died in childbirth.

Kadi had essentially been left to die by her mother's family. For 3 days after her birth, Kadi was not given anything to eat, not even water to drink. Her father who is a married man with 3 children took her to the maternity ward in his community and the nurse there called us asking for help.

We went to pick her up and as quickly as possible got her to Ouagadougou where there is a neo-natal ward who received her. Although she weighed only 1 kilo 900 grams we were hopeful that with good care, Kadi would make it.

But, we received a call this morning that Kadi has passed away. Although we are mourning the loss of Kadi, we are thankful for even the few hours that we had to hold her and to love her. Her life here on earth was very short. She did not have a birth certificate. She did not have a death certificate. Her father did not even want to give her his name. Although her short time here on earth was hard, Kadi is now singing and dancing around the throne of Jesus. She is no longer suffering. She will never again be hungry or mistreated. She is in the Arms of Love.