Friday, November 30, 2012

A Sweet Little Angel

We received a call from Social Action this afternoon and Mike jumped in the car with our social worker to drive to a small village called Latodan to pick up a baby who had been thrown down a latrine.

We didn’t know boy or girl.  We didn’t know whether the latrine was empty or full. But within 10 minutes, Mike was on the road.

As the story unfolds we learned that a little six year old boy was playing outside of the latrine and heard the baby cry.  The boy went home to get his mother who thought that there was probably an animal or even possibly a snake in the latrine.  But when she got close she realized that she was hearing the cry of a child.

The police and the hospital were called and the cement slab covering the hole was removed and the baby was rescued.  She has some scratches here and there from her fall but she is not burned so we do not think that there were caustic chemicals in the latrine.

Our short-termers here have named her Naomi Grace.  Becky will care for Naomi for a while in our house until we see that she is eating well and gaining weight.