Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Signing of contracts--

This past month has been filled with fun activities in Kimini!

On August 23rd, we met with a new local contractor and signed papers to begin the work on the maternity building of our medical center.

The contractor and his team are located in Banfora, about 100 kilometers from our village. At the signing, we made the first payment in the agreed upon contract and on Aug 25th, the masons and a team of manual laborers arrived in Kimini, ready to begin the work.

The very first steps are to make the concrete bricks on-site, clear the land, and identify the placement of the building. These steps were all started last week and already, we can see the foundation being laid for the maternity building.

Making Bricks
We praise God for his provisions for the building of a medical center in Kimini! Please pray with us that the people of Kimini will come to see that our God is a kind and loving God and that He loves the people of Kimini very much!

Laying the foundation