Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Sweet Introduction--

After a long, long wait and then a long, long trip another family has found a child who waited for 11 years to find her family.

Nathan, Mama, and Noome
Introducing sweet 11 year old Noome!  Although thought to be terribly shy, especially when she is

uncomfortable or in a new situation, Noome is NOT shy.  Within hours of meeting her mother and younger brother, Noome was starting to run and play and even to tease her new brother. 

In just one week’s time, Noome experienced a hamburger and pizza. . . and she likes them.  She learned to use a Western-style toilet and experienced carpet on the floor.  She also learned that she cannot spit out food that she does not like on the floor and that she cannot rinse out her mouth with water and spit it on the floor!

We had great times together of visiting the sacred crocodiles and some sad times together of saying goodby to the orphanage which has been Noome’s home for all of her 11 years.

But, there is a new world waiting for Noome as she arrives home to meet her new father and other younger brother.

Blessings to Noome and the Warner family as you begin your new life together!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Power of a Nine Year Old

Please meet Hailey, a little nine year old with a huge heart!

Hailey heard about Burkina Faso and the difficult conditions of the children here in Burkina and her heart melted.  So, for her 9th birthday, Hailey told her family and friends that she did not want gifts but that she wanted money to send to help the children.

This is a little missionary in the making!  Thank you so much, Hailey.  May the Lord richly bless you for what you have done for our children.

Changing the World, One Family - One Child At a Time

Part of the foundation of our work in Burkina Faso is our child sponsorship program.  And one very special family who sponsors three of our primary school children challenged their children to clean out their rooms and to sponsor a yard sale for the benefit of their sponsored children. 

The Bolstad children went to work and with joy in their hearts (and the help and support of their parents) put together a yard sale this summer.

Although at times the work was overwhelming, the Lord gave them tremendous success and a sunny day and look what the children accomplished for the glory of God!


 What a sweet example of a family training up their children to love and to sacrificially give!  Thank you so much!

Handshaking -Children Caring for the Children

I am so thankful for the many, many people who share in the work of caring for the orphans of Burkina!  Some are called to go, some are called to send, and all are called to pray!  Our God uses each and every one of us to accomplish His will!

Today I want to tell you a very sweet story about an amazing young woman, Becky Verrips, who
recently spent some time with us in Yako loving and caring for our babies. 

When Becky returned home she told to her pastor, her church, her family and friends about her work here in Burkina and consequently her church agreed to make Sheltering Wings their mission emphasis for their summer Vacation Bible School.

There were about 120 people in attendance each night and part of the fun was a competition between the girls and boys to see who could bring in the most money for the orphanage.  In total, the children raised $851.76 for the orphanage. 

Thank you, Pastor Ray Hoke, and Bethel Church for this gift of love!  Thank you children of Bethel Church for praying for and giving to the children of Burkina!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Forever Family for Latif--

Another chapter has been written but still lots to write for our little guy, Latif.  He brought love and joy to our orphanage for about 14 months and then this past week he met his mama and papa for the first time and it was love at first sight for each of them.

It took about 2 minutes for Latif to leave my lap and move to his mama’s lap and then about 2 minutes more and he was sitting on his papa’s lap.  After a few walks around the orphanage and a little time in the ‘baby cage’, Latif would not leave his parents’ side.

I was amazed over and over this week at how day by day Latif flourished in the attention and affection of his mother and father.  He gives and receives hugs and kisses.  He even initiates hugs and kisses!

Quite the little man at 3 years of age, Obadiah Latif is joining a beautiful family of 2 older sisters and two older brothers.  Everyone’s dream and the need of every child is a family where there is love and protection, nurturing and guidance, and God has provided this for our little Latif.