Monday, April 23, 2012

And Babies Go. . .

It is always bitter-sweet but two of our little ones returned to their families this week.

Little Paco, a little sweetheart who we have loved and taken care of for the last 12 months returned to her family this week.  Bye bye Paco!  We are happy for you!

And, sweet little Raadmogo returned to his family this week.  Love and blessings to you and your family!

Babies Come . . .

There are new babies at the orphanage again!

Please meet:

Little Aziz who came to us when he was a month old. His mother died and there was no one able to care for him.

He will stay with us for 12 months when he will re-integrate back into his family.

Aziz is very healthy. He loves to eat, sleep and be held.

Dieudonne was found abandoned at the approximate age of one month. It is unknown who his parents are.

It is possible that Dieudonne will be available for adoption if no family is found. For now we will love him and care for him.

Harouna’s mother is not well mentally. Extended family brought him to our gates asking for help
when he was only 3 days old. At that time he had not eaten anything since he was born.

Harouna was very dehydrated and in failure to thrive when he arrived. He was given bottles every hour on the hour. He is now eating very well and is gaining weight. He is a little fighter.

There is no one in Harouna’s family willing to take care of him. After a year in our care he may become available for adoption.

Bassirou and Bassiratou (boy and girl) are just one month old and their mother just died. There is no one in the family to care for them right now so we will care for them for 12 months and until they are off of the bottle and are eating table food. At that time, their father will return for them and they will re-integrate into their family.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

New Names Written in Heaven

As a part of our Widows Basket Program, each month we make a pastoral call to each of our sponsored widows. We bring them a basket of food and take a few minutes to talk with them and to pray with them.

Usually, this is a rather routine visit where the usual prayer requests are for the heat (or for the cold), for the aches and pains of old age, etc. But, this past Saturday God had prepared two very special hearts and when we asked them whether they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts, they said ‘yes’.

Our local worker, Wenesou, then talked to them about the love of our Father in giving us His Son Jesus, and then Wenesou taught them how to pray. Such love! Such joy! Our God is so good!

Both of these ladies are named Lizetta. They have different family names but share the same first name.

One little Lizetta is not very mobile in that she can barely walk and is nearly blind. We will pass by her house from time to time to see that she is growing in her new faith.

The other little Lizetta is fairly mobile and she has expressed a desire to come to church. We will follow through with her also to see that she is able to get to church and that she is receiving spiritual food as well as natural food.

Please pray for these two new believers and also for the grandchildren that are under their care.

If you have thought about sponsoring a widow, please contact me or Sheltering Wings and we will gladly introduce you to a sweet woman who is in need of some help.

Another Forever Family!

This week we had the wonderful privilege of introducing our little Astride to her new parents. Astride is a delightful little 2 year old who has been with us since she was just a few days old.

As a newborn, Astride was found crying in the middle of the night outside of a family courtyard. She was placed in our orphanage while we waited for the processing of her adoption.

Saying goodbye to our little ones can be bitter-sweet but knowing the loving home that God has given to Astride and knowing that God has a great plan for her and her Forever Family takes away all of the sadness.

We love you, Astride, and will be praying for you and your family!