Saturday, October 04, 2014

Back to School--

School started this year on October 1st. For days in our little village of Kimini, the children were talking, talking, talking about going back to school. The little girls were getting their hair done. Everyone had their backpacks with a notebook or two, a pen, and a small chalkboard in their pack. There was much excitement in the air!

Village life is really hard sometimes in that the organization and infrastructure needed to make things work are just not in place. Then, in a developing nation where the education system is broken. . . . . well, for the first day of school, there were only two of our four teachers in the village. There were no preparations made in advance. The classrooms were dirty and unorganized. So very far from what a sparkling clean, welcoming classroom is like in the West. Sigh!

Never-the-less, Linda and I were busy with visiting each of our sponsored children in the area. We visited schools, paid school fees, and bought school supplies for each child.
School WILL start in Kimini! It may take a couple more weeks before our teachers are here and they are ready to actually start class. But, with the help of the Lord, Kimini will be running 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th grades this year.

This is Reine and she is so excited to be starting first grade this year.

                                                                                                                                                              Drissa is unable to walk because of polio yet so happy to be in the 5th grade this year.

This little girl used to be timid and shy.  Her teacher said that she often cried in class.  But today, Awa is shining with confidence because she knows that she is sponsored and that she will be able to stay in school because her school fees have been paid by her sponsor.  Awa is entering the 4th grade this year.

Ousseni and Lassane, twins who are entering the 3rd grade this year.

Some of our children writing letters to their sponsors.  This is Pastor Paul who helps us with the children in Wangolo.

Please send me a note if you would like to sponsor a child. Sponsorship changes lives!