Sunday, May 01, 2011

Missions Banquet Fund Raiser

Visited the First Baptist Church (FBC) in California, MO this week-end (April 30- May 1st) and attended a Missions Banquet Fund Raiser. The purpose for the dinner was to raise support for Sheltering Wings and to raise funds for FBC's visit to Burkina this summer.

The church gymnasium was beautifully decorated with African art and crafts. Tables were set to serve 125 people and a full meal plus a dessert room complete with a chocolate fountain were ready to go by 5:30 on Saturday afternoon.

The evening was a huge success with vision shared and an invitation given to GO to Africa through praying, sending, going, and sponsoring a child.

Thank you so much, First Baptist Church, for your heart to go to Kimini and for your love and support for the children of Yako!

Fun Day at the Children's Museum

This is Lillian, age 6, and Claire, age 3, bringing me yummy food that they have lovingly prepared at a visit to the Children's Museum in Edwardsville, Il.

What a fun day we had. The girls played dress-up in the medical clinic, at the fire station, at the police station, and even at the library.

Precious times and precious memories for Grandma!

Therese is recuperating!

Wanted to give you a 'Therese update'. This picture is in her hospital room 3 days after her surgery with her father and sister and they are making cookies!

Therese is home now and she is doing very well. After major surgery and just 5 days in the hospital she returned home expecting to return to school the next day. She did need to stay home from school just a couple more days to rest and recuperate but she has now returned to school.

The prognosis is very good for a complete recovery. Therese will need to take blood pressure medicine possibly for the rest of her life but her heart is now functioning normally and pumping blood throughout her body.

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing Therese to this wonderful family and for arranging for her to have heart surgery at exactly the right moment that she needed it.