Monday, February 15, 2016

Returning 'home' to Burkina

After spending a few days in Yako, and then a few days in Ouaga, Linda and I took the road
south to our little village of Kimini. Upon arrival we were honored by a visit from the village chief and the leaders of the village.

Part of our first few days in the village were spent in meetings with our village contact, Babou, reviewing the progress that was made on the medical clinic while we were away and also planning our next phase of development.

This little baby girl is named Biba. She weighed just a little under 5 pounds at birth. Her mama is not well and cannot produce milk for her, so we have enrolled Biba in our milk program.

This is a very impressive young girl named Maman. Last year on Jan 1st she suffered some very bad burns on her backside and the back of one of her legs when her skirt caught on fire while she was cooking. Maman missed 6 weeks of school last year, yet finished the school year with a very high mark. Since then, Maman often comes by asking for help with her English studies.

Through a very generous gift from Dawn Malcolm, we were able to equip the Kimini school and the Nonfesso school with sports uniforms for their soccer teams. This is the proud Kimini team in their new uniforms.