Monday, November 10, 2014

A Forever Family for Guelil

It seems that each adoptive family that I meet is the MOST amazing family that I have ever met!

Of course, every family who opens their hearts to taking 'one of the least of these' into their home is a special family. But, it seems that God is drawing the hearts of the very best of the best of families to adopt from Burkina Faso!

We recently had the privilege of introducing a special little boy named Guelil to his new mama and grandmother. From the first minute it was love at first sight for this family. Guelil had waited for two years for his family to come for him. He was super ready and he was in his mother's arms within minutes of meeting her.

Burkina Faso suffered a coup d'etat last week. The family arrived on a Friday and civil unrest and turmoil started the following Monday. Now this is not normal and certainly is not an ideal time for an adoptive family to come for their child. But, who can predict a military and civil uprising?

Our family were seasoned travelers and also experienced in adoptions and they accepted each surprise and uncertainty with a calm heart that was full of faith. And, the good news is that the air borders were only closed for a couple of days and they were able to make their return flight home as planned.

The rest of Guelil's family were at the airport to meet them. And, the reports are that everyone is doing wonderfully well.

With the Thanksgiving season right around the corner, we are thanking God for giving Guelil a mama and a papa and two new siblings, as well as grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. God is so good!