Friday, September 23, 2011

New Children in the Orphanage

Once again our orphanage family is growing as we received three new children this week. The children's story is still unraveling but it is one of sadness and hardship.

Carine is 17 years old and her younger sister is 12 years old. Their mother died in 2006 and their father died earlier this year. With both of their parents gone, the extended family began passing the girls from one aunt to another and in most situations they felt unwanted and that they were a burden to the family.

This past year, Carine, became involved with a married man who is a teacher in her community. When the family found out that Carine was pregnant, she was kicked out of the family courtyard and her sister, Francoise, was sent away with Carine.

A few weeks ago, out of hunger and desperation. Carine went to Social Action asking for help. She was sick and the children had not eaten for 3 days.

We have taken the children into the orphanage. It has been five years since Carine has been in school so it will be very difficult for her to integrate into the formal school setting. But, we will try to get her a place in a sewing school where she will learn to be a tailler. While Carine is in school, our baby-caretakers will care for her 2 month old baby, Cedrick.

Francoise finished the 6th grade last year and passed the standardized test (CEP) allowing her to continue to the 7th grade. Francoise will attend our secondary school.

Please pray for these children as they integrate into our family that they will know the love and acceptance of the Father and that they will find his peace.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Visit from some US Embassy Friends

Today we had a wonderful visit from 4 new friends from the US Embassy. We had met Melanie Zimmerman last week at an embassy meeting and she came to Yako today with her husband, Serge, Captain Jeremy Sparks (US Air Force), and Lieutenant Colonel John Williamson (US Army).

It is always great to meet new Americans and to be able to easily talk and to get to know each other. We all sat on the floor in the 'baby cage' while we talked, played with babies, and put several of the babies to sleep in our arms.

Last week, we left the embassy with a huge box of hand-made blankets that had been sent to Burkina by a group of military wives stationed in Germany. The blankets are beautiful and with cooler temperatures now here in Burkina, they will get much use.

Today they came with infant formula, infant cereal, some clothes and toys. . . . and some macaroni and peanut butter!

It is so fun to have visitors and to make new friends!

Animal Project

Went out to visit our animal project this morning. Whew! You have to get up with the chickens in order to catch the cows at home!

This has been a good year for our animals in that we have three new calves. They are all doing well. They have good mama's.

At the same time, it has been a bad year in that we lost one female who was pregnant because she ate some anti-parasite medicine that was for the other animals. Another of our females aborted a calf but the mama is doing okay.

This project is one that we share with one of our local pastors. Together we pay a shepherd to care for the animals and share the costs of the vetenarian. During the rainy season the animals graze and we only need to buy salt. But, during the dry season, the pastures are barren and we must buy food.

We have 7 mature cows and 2 bulls and 3 little calves who were born this year.

This is a 'little shepherd boy' who helps our 'big shepherd'.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Short-term Missionaries

I would like to introduce 3 girls who have recently joined our team and who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Anne Westerheide is 20 years old and is from Germany. Anne just finished her high school studies and is spending a gap year here at our orphanage. Anne is warm and loving and is already settling into daily life here.

Judith Podworny is 20 years old is also from Germany. Judith just finished her high school studies and is spending a gap year here at our orphanage. Judith is fun loving and full of energy and the children are already clinging to her.

Anne and Judith are very busy everyday working in our baby rooms, taking pictures, helping at the medical clinic in Doure, and playing games with our older children.

And this is Tenielle Lytle coming to us from McCook, NE. Tenielle is 21 years old and has made several trips to Mexico to work in an orphanage there. Tenielle has had a dream to serve in an orphanage in Africa for many years and the Lord has brought her to us.

Tenielle has a servant's heart and is willing to do anything that we ask her to do and daily steps out of her comfort zone to help and to serve. Tenielle will work with us for 3 months.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another Forever Family

This week we had the wonderful privilege of introducing a little 3 year old boy who is blind to his adoptive parents. The parents arrived on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning we began a very slow process of introducing each family member.

The week has exceeded all of our wildest expectations. After just three days together, Mama was able to hold, feed, bathe, and put the little one to sleep.

So many people were praying all over the world for this event. Only God does miracles and we have seen Him work this week.

Only God could move in a family’s heart so that they can take a child into their family as their very own through adoption! Only God can take us as we are and adopt us into the Family of God!