Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Visit from some US Embassy Friends

Today we had a wonderful visit from 4 new friends from the US Embassy. We had met Melanie Zimmerman last week at an embassy meeting and she came to Yako today with her husband, Serge, Captain Jeremy Sparks (US Air Force), and Lieutenant Colonel John Williamson (US Army).

It is always great to meet new Americans and to be able to easily talk and to get to know each other. We all sat on the floor in the 'baby cage' while we talked, played with babies, and put several of the babies to sleep in our arms.

Last week, we left the embassy with a huge box of hand-made blankets that had been sent to Burkina by a group of military wives stationed in Germany. The blankets are beautiful and with cooler temperatures now here in Burkina, they will get much use.

Today they came with infant formula, infant cereal, some clothes and toys. . . . and some macaroni and peanut butter!

It is so fun to have visitors and to make new friends!

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