Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another Forever Family

This week we had the wonderful privilege of introducing a little 3 year old boy who is blind to his adoptive parents. The parents arrived on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning we began a very slow process of introducing each family member.

The week has exceeded all of our wildest expectations. After just three days together, Mama was able to hold, feed, bathe, and put the little one to sleep.

So many people were praying all over the world for this event. Only God does miracles and we have seen Him work this week.

Only God could move in a family’s heart so that they can take a child into their family as their very own through adoption! Only God can take us as we are and adopt us into the Family of God!

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Kate said...

God is using you in mighty ways, Ruth! Words cannot express our admiration and gratitude for you and all that you do! Your patience and generosity are out-of-this-world! You amaze me! God does too!