Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kimini - A week at a glance--

Jackie, hard at work
Benjamin and Jackie Hodson left on a jet plane last night returning to their home and their children. What a great week we had together in Kimini! There was lots of time for renewing of relationships and building new ones, time for working in the field, time for gathering firewood, and even time for painting our living room, hall, and bathroom! Thanks so much for visiting, Ben and Jackie, and for all of the encouragement that you brought to us!

Benjamin, making our house beautiful!

Monday morning we took little Siaka to a clinic in
Siaka and his grandmother
a neighboring village. Siaka'a mouth was red and swollen with many sores and he has lost 4 of his front teeth. The diagnosis for his mouth is a severe fungal infection and in addition, he has a mild case of malaria.

We are treating 15 to 20 cases of malaria each week and treating 35+ wounds each week. The new medical clinic for Kimini is much needed and will be much appreciated by the community.

Wound care 

This past week we received an unexpected visit from the chief of Kimini and several of our village
Sand, gravel, and rock
fathers who came to tell us that the village was giving us an additional 2 acres of land specifically for the medical facility. 

This picture may not look like a lot, but the village made a commitment to provide the sand, gravel, and rock for the construction of the first building of our medical clinic.  This past week, the village hired a 10 ton truck and delivered 7 loads of sand, 3 loads of gravel, and 3 loads of rock to the construction site. 

Our kitchen

Our external kitchen and guesthouse were completed this week. Moving our gas refrigerator and stove out of our living room and into the kitchen will reduce the heat in our house and also reduce the risk of inviting little unwanted critters into our house.