Saturday, September 17, 2011

Animal Project

Went out to visit our animal project this morning. Whew! You have to get up with the chickens in order to catch the cows at home!

This has been a good year for our animals in that we have three new calves. They are all doing well. They have good mama's.

At the same time, it has been a bad year in that we lost one female who was pregnant because she ate some anti-parasite medicine that was for the other animals. Another of our females aborted a calf but the mama is doing okay.

This project is one that we share with one of our local pastors. Together we pay a shepherd to care for the animals and share the costs of the vetenarian. During the rainy season the animals graze and we only need to buy salt. But, during the dry season, the pastures are barren and we must buy food.

We have 7 mature cows and 2 bulls and 3 little calves who were born this year.

This is a 'little shepherd boy' who helps our 'big shepherd'.

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