Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Sweet Introduction--

After a long, long wait and then a long, long trip another family has found a child who waited for 11 years to find her family.

Nathan, Mama, and Noome
Introducing sweet 11 year old Noome!  Although thought to be terribly shy, especially when she is

uncomfortable or in a new situation, Noome is NOT shy.  Within hours of meeting her mother and younger brother, Noome was starting to run and play and even to tease her new brother. 

In just one week’s time, Noome experienced a hamburger and pizza. . . and she likes them.  She learned to use a Western-style toilet and experienced carpet on the floor.  She also learned that she cannot spit out food that she does not like on the floor and that she cannot rinse out her mouth with water and spit it on the floor!

We had great times together of visiting the sacred crocodiles and some sad times together of saying goodby to the orphanage which has been Noome’s home for all of her 11 years.

But, there is a new world waiting for Noome as she arrives home to meet her new father and other younger brother.

Blessings to Noome and the Warner family as you begin your new life together!


ESolgos said...

So happy for this new family! Challenging days ahead- can't wait to see what God has planned!

Shawn Strutz said...

Praise God! Such encouragement for us as we wait to unite Daniel with our family! :)

Cristine Dorsey said...

Beautiful story, beautiful family! We've been praying for this sweet girl and are praising God for making a way for her and her family. Like others, this encourages us, as we wait to bring our little boy home--thank you for sharing!