Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ibrahim - Little Prince

Birth date: 28 Jan, 2003

Ibrahim was brought to the orphanage on December 20, 2010 by a social worker. He had been found in the region by a nun. Every measure possible was made to find his parents or extended family. But no one has been found and no one has come or called to ask about him.

Ibrahim had been staying at a different center but because he was tired of the fact that no one could find his parents, he started running away from the center. It was one time when he was lost that the social worker took him to his present orphanage.

Ibrahim says that his grandfather is named Awonnon, his father is called Seydou, and his mother’s name is Suzanne. But he does not remember his father’s family name.

Ibrahim is in good health. He does not have any handicaps or illnesses that hold him back mentally or physically. He was tested for Hep B and AIDS and both tests were negative. His blood type is O+. He has a good appetite and eats whatever is prepared for him.

Since arriving at the orphanage, Ibrahim has been calm and alert. He sleeps well and gets along well with his peers. However, he is quick to react when someone annoys him. He is described as a sensible and reserved boy. He is very loved by his care-takers.

Ibrahim arrived at the center in the middle of the school year (2009-2010), so he was not able to start school until the Fall of 2010. He passed first grade and this year (2011-2012) he was in the second grade. Ibrahim was frustrated with school though and refused to complete the 3rd trimester. He is in agreement to returning to school this Fall (2012).

Ibrahim needs a family to give him the love and security that he desperately needs.

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