Saturday, May 05, 2012

Is There a Family for Marie?

Ten year old Marie has been lost in the Social Services system. Because she is an albino, she has suffered physically and has faced much rejection. Her mother abandoned Marie with her maternal grandmother who was unable to care for her and she became malnourished. At a young age, Marie was placed first in a center for malnourished children and then in the orphanage where she remains today.
In all this time no one in her extended family has ever visited Marie, let alone come forward to care for her. As a result of all investigations, it is because of prejudice that the family has rejected Marie.

Marie is currently still in the second grade at school. She cannot see well enough to do the work and there is no program in place to help her succeed. Although some effort has been made to correct and to protect her eyes, the care available here is not adequate for her needs. She also suffers greatly due to the harsh African sun.
Marie responds to affection but is guarded as though she has become accustomed to rejection. She has a quiet spirit, yet is friendly and has a sweet smile.

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MNIKIEMA said...

Hi Ruth-
can you message me about adoption in Burkina? I'm an RPCV and my husband is from Burkina. I was there in Jan 2010 and L'action Social advised against trying to adopt. I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

Thank you,