Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Ones Needing Forever Families

Will you please help us to spread the word about these precious special needs children needing families?

Sylvain is 4 years old. He does not see well and the specialists here cannot give a clear diagnosis. He sees well enough to run and play with the other children but even with glasses he has trouble seeing close up. Specialists here say that he will need to learn to read using Braille.

Sylvain was abandoned at a young age and he is ready for a loving family.

Olivia is about 5 years old now (2012). She was abandoned as an infant and is being cared for in an orphanage.

Olivia smiles and interacts a little bit with her caretakers and the other children. She cannot sit up on her own and requires total care.

Her diagnosis is not clear but my unspecialized opinion is that she is suffering from a rather serious case of cerebral palsy.

Djimila was born in January, 2011. Her mother was very young, just 17 years old when Djimila was born. The mother tried to kill Djimia two times. With help and advice from family and friends, the mother brought her to social services where she signed papers giving Djimila up for adoption.

Djimila’s left leg has been amputated just above the knee because of severe infection that threatened her life. She is developmentally behind for her age. At this time, it is not known whether this is because of her rough few months of life or whether there is the possibility of mild cerebral palsy.

Jude was born in October, 2011. He was conceived outside of marriage. His mother was already married to another man and could not bring him into the home. And, his father would not take responsibility for him.

So, Jude was placed in an orphanage. Jude looks to be a very healthy little baby, but pending a second blood test, he may have sickle cell anemia.

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