Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Little Angels--

This is Mariam.

This is Madina.

This past week, we took in two little girls, Mariam and Madina, into the orphanage. These little girls are sisters, probably half sisters. They have the same mother but probably have different fathers.

Mariam is about 3 years old and Madina is about 18 months. Their mother is not well mentally and the mother and girls were living on the street and roaming from time to time in the bush. Social Services has taken the children from the mother and asked us to care for them.

To complicate an already complicated story, the day that the social worker brought the girls to us, their mother gave birth to another baby.

Please pray for Mariam and Madina and also the newborn baby. Pending their home study and paperwork, these children will probably be available for adoption.

Also, these precious children need sponsors. If you would like to take one of them into your heart, please send me a note.

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