Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nearly a Ton of Milk!

How much milk does it take to feed 20 babies? Well, it takes a lot of milk!

But, after waiting for over 3 months and after receiving many, many generous gifts just for milk, we received a shipment today of almost a ton of milk!

Through the help of a local association of orphanages that we belong to, we were able to buy milk from France at a greatly reduced price. The milk is a very good quality and we were able to buy it for about half of what we normally pay here in Burkina.

The container came over land and it was delayed in Mali for almost 6 weeks. And, wouldn’t you know that we ran out of milk about 6 weeks ago? But, we bought milk locally case by case and received the call yesterday to go to Ouaga and pick up our milk.

Thank you, Lord, for safely bringing the container all the way to Ouagadougou!

Thanks to each of you who so faithfully give to help us with milk and with every facet of our needs here at the orphanage.

And, a special thanks to Yako-Trieves, friends from France, who contributed 1000 euros worth of milk!

We have estimated that a ton of milk will last us for 5 to 6 months. What a relief!

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