Saturday, June 16, 2012

So much to tell you about--

Sometimes, the phrase ‘time flies’ does not really express how quickly days and weeks can pass by! After having spent 2 wonderful months in the US, I am now back in my African home. And, with not even being home for one week, I have traveled over 1200+ kilometers roundtrip, almost to the border of Burkina and Niger, to visit a handicap center and school and am now just settling into our home in Yako.

For a couple of years now we have been sending a little blind boy, Herman, to this school as well as two deaf children, Karim and Yemba. Herman is very, very smart and will be entering the 3rd grade this Fall. Karim and Yemba are struggling in their studies but they are well and they work hard at school. Here is a picture of Herman reading Braille.

Today we received a special visit from a friend, Jon, who is here in BF holding some international training sessions. Jon brought us a huge suitcase full of school supplies and backpacks. These gifts were the initiative of some young boys, friends of Jon, who live in Germany.

How interesting and fun it is to see the Lord inspiring children to give to children. Thank you, Sandra, for raising your children to have giving hearts and thank you also to all of the children in your school who gave to our children.


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It is such a joy to hear about Herman, Yemba and Karim. Thank you for sharing & loving them!