Saturday, June 16, 2012

Building the Wall--

In 2010 we acquired a 6-acre piece of land located just a little outside of Yako about 1 1/2 miles from the orphanage. This land is being used to build our school complex.

The current building and the construction that is going on right now is for middle and high school classrooms. Eventually, the vision for the land includes primary school classrooms, an administrative building, a sports field, and housing units for teachers and our principals. The surface of the land covers 6 acres.

In Burkina, walls are needed to define your property but also as a deterrent against theft.
Would you like to help? We need help in funding the wall AND we are looking for short-term teams to visit Yako and to build the wall.

If you would like to 'buy a brick' please click on 'give online' at the right, scroll down to the Buy a Brick section and fill in the amount that you would like to give.

Thanks so much for helping our children and for helping us to protect what the Lord has given to us!

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