Friday, October 28, 2011

Special Child Needing a Special Family--

David was born on October 19, 2002. His mother was married but David is the child of a relationship outside of the marriage.

When David was born, his mother could not give him the name of his father. Shortly after his birth, in fear of her husband's reaction to the baby, and her own fears of caring for him, she threw him down a well. Soon after wards, she was sorry for doing this and also feared her husband's reaction and went back to get the child.

After a family counsel meeting, the family recommended that the mother take him and leave him in the care of an orphanage. David has grown up in this orphanage.

David sees a little but he has suffered permanent damage to the optic nerve. With the limited diagnostics and expertise available here, the specialist was not able to determine just how much David can see. The specialist felt like the damage was not reparable. Otherwise, David is normal physically and mentally.

Because of his visual handicap, David has not been sent to school.

If you are interested in learning more about David or about adopting from Burkina, please send me a note.

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