Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Milestone for Pauline and Yolande

This past week-end there was a graduation ceremony for the first class to complete the three year sewing program at the school ACFOR in Yako. Two of our girls, Pauline and Yolande, were students in this first class and they have successfully completed the three years of training.

The ceremony was held in a public place in Yako and all of the community officials were invited. There was entertainment by a traditional dance group and several speeches were made by the director of the school and some of our community officials.

Each graduating student received a diploma and the top 5 students in the class received gifts of sewing supplies.

Afterwards, everyone in attendance was served a very nice meal of riz gras (literally fat rice) and grilled chicken.

I am very proud of the girls and their accomplishment. It was not easy for either of them because the course was given in French and particularly Yolande is rather weak in French. But, they worked hard and persevered and now they are looking forward to opening their own tailoring shop.

Congratulations Pauline and Yolande! May God get all of the glory for what He is doing in your lives.


Brittany said...

Congratulations Yoli and Pauline!!

Becca said...

sooo exciting! I'm so happy for them!