Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goodby to Becky--

We said 'goodby' to Becky Schroeder this past week. Sigh! Becky was with us for one year and it was a great joy to have had this time with her.

Becky worked day in and day out in our baby rooms, with our primary and secondary children, and team taught English with a local English teacher in our 7th grade class.

Everyone loves Becky and her presence and sweet spirit is greatly missed here in Yako.

We have many very special children here in the orphanage. One little one, 7-year old Jonas, said to me this morning in very broken French, 'Becky is no longer here. She is now in her 'other' home.

Jonas loves Becky. . . just like we all do!

We miss you Beck! Come back soon!

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