Friday, November 04, 2011

Moϊse, Baby Moses

Moϊse is the French name for Moses. Baby Moses came to the orphanage 3 weeks ago with his mother who is not well mentally and his older sister, Marceline, who is 6 years old.

Moses’ mother suffers from epilepsy and while holding Moses in her arms, she had a seizure. The baby fell into the fire and the back of his head was badly burned. Social Action called us and asked us to take the mother and the children in for a few weeks so that our nurses could care for the baby’s burn.

We took the family in but within days realized that the mother is really not capable of caring for her children. In reality, little Marceline was the care-taker of her mother and of Baby Moses.

After much work on the part of our social worker, Ely, and the social workers at Social Action in Yako, we convinced the father, who is elderly, to place Marceline with some extended family in Yako so that she could go to school, to take the mother back home to the village, and to let us keep Moses until his wound is healed. We will take care of Moses until he is around 2 years old, until he is stronger, and not at such risk as he is as an infant.

Please pray for Baby Moses that his wound heals and that he grows strong. And, please pray for this family to find the help that they need to care for their children.

Please let me know if you would like to sponsor Baby Moses.

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June Conner said...

He is so cute and looks quite content. We will pray with everyone for his quick recovery and ask God to protect his sister in her new surroundings and school. Thank you for caring for the orphans and widows and giving us a way to be partners in your mission work. God bless you, Ruth