Monday, November 14, 2011

US Embassy Friends

Yesterday we had another very special visit from friends from the US Embassy. John and Jeremy came with the back of their truck full of clothes, milk and rice for the orphanage and a very special gift of German chocolate for our German girls, Anne and Judith. These gifts came from the military spouses association in Germany.

We sat together out in the baby 'cage' talking and getting to know each other better while playing with and hugging babies.

Two of our older boys, Barthelemy and Josué, brought their guitar
and drum and provided background music and atmosphere for us.

What a blessing to receive these visitors and the tangible gifts that they bring.

John's wife and children are in Germany and Jeremy's wife and children are in the US. I hope that in some small way our children can fill the void in their hearts caused by their families being so far away.

Music by Bart and Josue.

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