Monday, November 14, 2011

From Daniel's Tears

A group of friends have caught God's Spirit for Burkina's orphans. They have started a project called From Daniel's Tears. The first project of From Daniel's Tears is selling Burkina bracelets. From Daniel's Tears partners with Eternal Threads to have green bracelets made by girls in Nepal rescued from trafficking! All the proceeds from selling these bracelets goes to the orphans in Burkina.

$1 to provide income to the girls in Nepal

$1 to Little Matheny's orphanage

$1 to Ruth's orphanage.

Quite possibly, the BEST THREE DOLLARS you ever spent! You can buy one for yourself or a hundred for your friends, church, or Bible study to sell. From Daniel's Tears is working on a video that will aid you in advocating for Burkina's orphans.

To order, write a comment, send me an email at or send an email to Cami at Also, visit their Facebook page called 'From Daniel's Tears'.


Sara said...

Love it.

cami warning said...

me too. God is doing lots of cool stuff here....

Royce Templeton said...

Please help. This is a great work for our Lord Jesus Christ.