Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Forever Family for Marie

Our little Marie has captured the heart of each of our baby care-takers, each of our guardians, each of our short-term missionaries and now she has captured the heart of her new mama and papa.  For sure, it was love at first sight!

Marie went first to her papa.  It is unusual for a baby to go first to Papa, but this is Marie and Marie is no ordinary child.  At just 2 ½ years of age, Marie has a mind of her own.  In fact we have lovingly called her the ‘queen of the baby cage’ because for some time now, really it was Marie, not the baby care-takers, who was in charge there. 

After just a bit more paperwork and application for her visa, Marie will be on her way to her new home in Spain with her new parents.

We love you Marie and we miss you but we are so happy for you and for your delightful parents!   

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Anonymous said...

Praise God! One more life rescued by the Father. He has a great partner in Ruth Cox. Blessings...Howard