Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thanks for the diapers!

We have many wonderful visitors to the orphanage and one of these wonderful young women is Becky Verrips.  Becky has been working with us for several months now and came to the orphanage through a ministry called Envision.  Becky is a nurse and through her nursing skills and her heart of love she has impacted each of our babies and each of our staff.
This is Becky!
With 20 babies in the house, the orphanage goes through about 200 diapers a day.  Now that’s a lot of diapers! 

Recently Becky’s aunt, Diane Schipper, sent Becky a package and it was full of hand made diapers for our babies.  They were each one lovingly made out of soft, baby-print flannel and Diane also sent a supply of diaper pins to use with the new diapers.

Our babies say ‘Thank you so much, Diane’!   

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