Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Forever Family for Ferdie

After processing and then re-processing papers, waiting for responses, interviews with social workers, attorneys and judges, and waiting literally for years. . . . a very special boy, Ferdie, has a very special ‘forever family’.

The whole family, Mom and Dad, two brothers, and one older sister, came to Burkina to meet Ferdie.  Introductions were very sweet and the final processing of papers and getting Ferdie’s visa were practically non-events.

We are so thankful to the Lord for this very special family.  Their hearts were knit together before they even met face-to-face and now they are on a new adventure filled with growth and excitement.

Please pray for Ferdie as he adapts and adjusts to his new family and new home.  Please pray for wisdom for his parents as they invite Ferdie into their world where everything is totally new to him.


ESolgos said...

Welcome home, Ferdinand! Who could know that Ferdinand and Therese would end up living just hours away from each other in America? Only a God like ours could design this!

BeccaHuff said...

Such a sweet and beautiful story!

CindiP said...

Welcome Ferdie!
Hundreds of us are excited to meet you and make you part of our community!

Sara said...

YES, oh YES!

Sara said...

YES, oh YES!