Saturday, March 02, 2013

Brushing teeth is fun!

Becca helping to brush Marie's teeth!

This past December we were blessed by a visit from two Italian dental students.  The students held training in oral hygiene for our baby care-takers and our nurses.  The training was fun and interesting and our baby care-takers were amazed to learn that a baby is born with his permanent teeth already formed in his mouth! 

Big girl Grace!
And then recent short-term visitors, Faith Cathcart and Debra Armstrong from Canada, brought in innumerable toothbrushes and toothpaste to the orphanage!  Seems like God had a plan to improve the oral hygiene of both the orphanage children and all of our school children!

We have had toothbrush holders made with a little pocket for the toothbrush of each of our toddlers and similar holders made for each of our classrooms.  With these, the children can safely store their toothbrushes from day to day.

Our toddlers now hurry to finish their meals so that they can brush their teeth!  What fun!

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