Friday, March 22, 2013

LAPS - Let’s All Provide Supplies

Again this year on Valentine’s Day, the Freeman School in Aurora, Illinois, held LAPS, a fund raiser to benefit the Sheltering Wings Primary School.  Freeman School was the primary school for Evelea and Therese Solgos and even though the girls have graduated to middle school, the school principal allowed the girls to return this year for this annual fund-raiser event.

Evelea and Therese each had an opportunity to speak to and encourage the children before the students began making their laps.  The children raised money by getting sponsors to sign their sheets giving a certain amount for each lap that they walked or ran. 

Thank you Mr Steinheimer for initiating this event!

Thank you so much, Mr Smith, principal of Freeman School for allowing your children to participate in this event!

Thank you to all of the children who worked to get sponsors and then did their part in running, walking, and skipping laps around the school gym!

Thank you to the wonderful Solgos family for loving our Therese!

The children raised over $2000 and the money will go towards new school books and desks for next year.

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