Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The St Louis Blues and Burkina! What is the Connection?

At first glance one may not make this connection but the real connection is St Louis Blues fans, Tim Hunn and Stephanie Holmen, and their recent visit to Yako.  While getting to know our children, Tim and Stephanie randomly saw some of them wearing St Louis Blues and Cardinals shirts that other visitors had brought in for our children. 

Tim is a fire-fighter and Stephanie is a nurse but they both took leave of their jobs and the comfort of their homes and came to Yako  to work in the orphanage.  Tim helped to build a new work area for our weavers and our soap making projects and served as ‘handyman’ in many other much needed areas of the orphanage.  Stephanie exercised her nursing skills on several occasions as she worked with our local nurses and cared for our babies.

Thanks so much for coming to visit, Tim and Stephanie. . . . and tell the St Louis Blues that the Yako Orphanage says ‘hi’!

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