Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Home for our Weavers

In the past, the ladies in our weaving and soap making projects have done their work in a multi-functional area that we called the technical center.  But, this year when we decided to add one more class to our primary school, and considering that we only have a 3 classroom building, we pushed the weaving and soap making ladies literally out into the cold. 

For 4 months they worked without complaining in a temporary area out in the middle of the courtyard.  It was far from ideal but they continued to work with the promise that we would find a more permanent ‘home’ for them.   

Thanks to a generous contribution from a friend, we were able to build a new permanent work area for them, complete with electricity, where they can work protected from the sun and wind, and away from the distractions of our busy courtyard.

Now, more than ever, we will have beautiful hand-woven products for your shopping and gift-giving pleasure!  Please contact Brenda Dantico at the Sheltering Wings office (314-635-6316) if you would like to order place mats for your table, soap, or bookmarks.

Construction in progress--

Noomie, our seamstress at work!

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