Thursday, February 16, 2012

All Glory to God!

Recently, during a random visit to a village, a pastor asked whether we could look at a young boy who had injured his leg. I expected to see one of the huge ulcers which occur when a wound has not been properly cared for and infection has set in.

But, this time was much more serious. The 16 year old boy had been in a moto accident. His leg was broken and the family used only traditional medicine to treat the break and the wounds.

Now a year and a half later, there was serious infection in the leg, his foot was swollen 2 or 3 times its normal size, the bones were still broken and he was walking with crutches.

We called Dr Zala in Ouayaghuia and made arrangements to take Moise and his father to see the doctor on the following Friday.

Upon arriving at the hospital and having x-rays made, we learned that the leg was broken in two places and that his body was actually generating new bone to replace the now dead bone.

But, the most amazing part of our day was that we learned that there was a team of surgeons and bone specialists arriving that very week-end and we were able to put Moise’s name on the list to see the specialists.

This past week, Moise had surgery and we learned this evening that he is doing well. We do not know many details about the procedure but we do know that the surgeons were able to save his leg.

God’s ways are mysterious and His timing is perfect!!! We thank God for playing this small part in getting Moise where he needed to be in order to see the specialists that God brought all the way to Burkina.

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ESolgos said...

Praise God! And thanks to your obedience, this boy's leg and life were saved!