Thursday, May 06, 2010

Visitors from Mississippi!

We just spent 10 wonderful days with two lovely women from Mississippi, Debbie Cook and Joyce Hall. They brought precious gifts of love and encouragement to Sarah, Lisa, and I and also tangible gifts for our children in the orphanage and in the school and for each of our workers.

One of the blessings that they brought were hand-made dolls called 'Testimony Dolls'. Each doll had 2 faces on them, one that was asleep because they had not invited Jesus into their heart and one on the other side that was awake and smiling because Jesus was living in their heart.

We gave the dolls to our second grade class and the children were captivated by the story and each one was thrilled to have their own little boy or girl doll.

We spent time together praying at the orphanage and also with a group of believers near the gold mines where Sarah is praying about starting a ministry to the children and women.

We attended a baptism where 21 new believers followed the Lord in water baptism.

Debbie and Joyce spent hours and hours just hanging out with our babies. They loved and rocked and fed and changed them.

Although it was hard to let them go, they left last night on the Air Maroc flight and may already have reached New York by now. We send out love and blessings to you Debbie and Joyce and hope that you will come back again soon!

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