Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brittany and Miriah, our Canadian friends, have returned to spend their summer vacation with us here in Yako. This is Miriah's third visit and Brittany's second. After taking just a few days to adjust to Burkina's temperatures and ways, they have slipped right into daily life with us here at the orphanage.

Even though there are still several weeks of school left for some of our children, some of them will be finishing soon and leaving to visit their families in the village. But before everyone starts leaving for the village, the girls planned an 'end of school' party and introduced this parachute where our primary school children played several different games. Everyone was delighted!

This is Brittany on the left playing with the children.

This is a picture of Moumouni taken at the end of school party. Moumouni is a new boy to the orphanage this year. He is 14 years old but is finishing 2nd grade this year. It has been a good year for Moumouni despite all of his difficulties at home and subsequent adjustment to the orphanage. But, he is finishing strong by ranking 8th in his class.

Moumouni is a delightful boy and it is a joy to have him in the orphanage. If the Lord has been speaking to you about sponsoring a child, Moumouni is in need of a sponsor.

One part of the 'end of school' party was an activity planned by Lisa. She purchased t-shirts for each child in the orphanage and organized a t-shirt painting party. Many of the children painted their favorite Scripture verse on the back of their shirt and a design on the front. What fun!

This is a picture of Lisa and Therese working on Therese's t-shirt.

And, I cannot write these days without a photo and an update of the progress on the new school. The work is progressing as planned and as scheduled. As you can see in the picture, the walls are up and the workers will soon be installing the roof. The metal doors and windows are being made by the solderer and will soon be in place.

We praise God and thank Him for all that he is doing for the children of Yako.

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