Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Electricity, No Water!

We have had a very busy past few days. A storm passed through last week-end and the wind blew down 4 or 5 power poles just a bit north of Yako knocking out our source of electricity. The electric company had estimated 6 days to re-set the poles and repair the damage but thanks to the prayers of faithful friends like you, our power was restored in just 4 days.

We still have one outstanding problem in that the pump for our well is not working. We have called the electrician to come and look at it but he has been detained on another job in Ouagadougou. Hopefully this is not a major problem and this week, our well will again be providing water to the courtyard. For now, we are switched over to the city water source which is expensive. Please pray that the electrician will soon be able to come and that the pump has not suffered serious damage due to the power cut.

Here is another picture of the progress on the school. It is amazing how quickly the walls go up once the foundation is laid. In the midst of other struggles and challenges, we are praising God that we can actually see the school building taking shape.

This week we walked in the new but not yet completed classrooms praying for the teachers who will teach and the children who will learn in our school.

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