Saturday, May 29, 2010

Evangelism in Peligtanga!

After recently spending a week in the village, Sarah could not get the children and the women of the region of Peligtanga out of her heart and her mind. We started going there for weekly prayer meetings with 2 of the local pastors and their wives seeking the Lord's heart for what He wanted to do in this region. Slowly a plan of a weekly Bible Club developed in Sarah's heart and also a plan for a one day evangelism effort for the children and for the women in this region.

The man in the red hat is the tribal chief of this region. He is a believer who warmly welcomed us. The two men on the right are the two local pastors that we are working with, Pastor Samuel and Pastor Paul.

This past Thursday was the children's day. Five of our orphanage children who had been participating in the previous weeks' Bible Clubs went with us and various activities were planned for the children. About 250 children came from Peligtanga and 2 other neighboring villages.

The day started with singing and Bible stories and a skit that the children of the church of Peligtanga had prepared. When an invitation was given to ask Jesus into their hearts, 18 children responded to the call.

Then we moved into fun and games. Sarah had planned 5 different stations with 5 different activities. Everyone had a great time!

At the end, everyone received a bag of popcorn and some bee-sap to drink. (Bee-sap is a local drink that the children love that is made out of the flowers of a plant.)

Friday was the day for the women. About 160 women came and we started around 10 in the morning. The goal of this day was just to bless these village women who work so very hard just to survive and to care for their families. Many of them work in the fields and many of them work in the nearby gold mines.

The day was planned to be a day of celebration with singing and dancing and teaching and eating. We emphasized the value of the woman to God through the Scriptures by using the story of Esther and declaring the women of Peligtanga to be 'women of destiny'. When an invitation to accept Jesus was made, 4 women responded to the love of Jesus and asked Him into their hearts.

Before leaving our 'serious time' and sharing a meal together, Sarah gave a teaching on foot washing and the four of us (Brittany, Lisa, Sarah, and I) washed our local sisters feet. I have many precious memories of Burkina in my heart, but I think that these moments of feel washing will remain as one of my fondest. There were moments of weeping in the house and there were moments of rejoicing in the house. The presence of the Lord was powerful!

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