Thursday, September 15, 2016

Medical Center

Linda and I have just been back in country for a month and we are so excited about all that the Lord is doing in our village.

The medical center is completely functional!

Vaccination day in the village (new pavillion)

The 'official opening' of the medical center was held on April 12th with visiting officials from the Ministry of Health from Niangoloko, Banfora, Wangolo, and Nonfesso. Most of the village turned out for the celebration and drums and dancing went well into the evening.

The government has sent us 3 nurses with the promise of sending us one more nurse. One of the nurses serves as the chief of staff, one is a midwife, and one is in charge of vaccination campaigns. Each of the nurses take their turn for general medicine consultations.

In our absence, our village contact, Babou, contracted with a builder to have a pavilion built on the hospital property. This will be used for vaccination campaigns, training for the women, and for a place in the shade for family members to rest.
Newborn weighing less than 2 pounds

As of Sept 1st, there have been 137 women give birth in the new maternity center! Women who probably would have given birth at home are coming from as far away as 35 kilometers to have their babies in the hospital!

We made a quick trip to Banfora with two babies in distress. One was a premature twin weighing less than 2 pounds and the other was a newborn with a cleft lip.  

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