Thursday, September 15, 2016

Church on the move--

God is blessing our little church!. 

Just this past week, two women stopped by our house to visit. Our Bible and daily devotional book were laying on our table. After talking just a little while, one of the women told me that she was a Christian. We continued to talk and then she shared that she has been a believer for several years. She first made a decision to follow Christ when she was living in a neighboring city. Now she is married to an unbelieving man who will not allow her to attend church. The friend who came with her is in the same situation.

Please pray for these precious believers and particularly pray for their husbands to allow them to gather and worship with the other believers.

Our student pastor, his wife, and two of their three children are in the village for the summer 

vacation.  While we were away, a pastor friend in a neighboring town contracted with a builder to have a house built for our pastor. The family is now nicely settled into their new home. 
New House

 Our pastor will be leaving the village in November to return to Bible School for his final year. We  are looking forward to next May when he graduates and moves his family permanently to the  village! 

Through gifts from generous friends, we were able to purchase a new motorcycle for our village pastor.  Thank you so much!
New motorcycle

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