Friday, October 14, 2016

We recently had the opportunity to do our 'back-to-school' sponsorship distribution in our village and 5 other surrounding villages. School starts late here, usually not until around the 1st of October. But, back-to-school excitement for returning students and nervousness for new students is an international occurrence and we saw and felt these emotions in each of our students here.
Our distribution included a new pack pack for each child, a reading and a math textbook, notebooks, pens, colored pencils, chalk, math sets (protractor, ruler, etc.), a 100 pound bag of rice for the family, and soap. Some of our children also received special gifts that some of our wonderful sponsors had sent for their children. Some of those gifts were special things like a new bike, a new outfit of clothing, a solar lamp, etc.
We cannot say 'thank you' loud enough for our outstanding Sheltering Wings sponsors. I hope that you realize the amazing part that you are playing in your sponsored child's life. You are giving them the encouragement to do their best in school and therefore a hope for the future.

Your children are ready to start school! Thank you!

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