Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kimini News--

Week two in Kimini has brought us many opportunities to meet new people and to work on building relationships with our new friends. We are very thankful for the village chief, and Babou and Awa for their care in looking in on us everyday to see if there is anything that we need.

We met this week with the chief, a local committee from the village and a local mason to talk about our plans to build a little house. All were in agreement and we are leaning towards building a 3-room concrete block house rather than the traditional mud-brick construction. The costs are coming out very affordable for the concrete block and this will provide a much more stable building.

As this meeting was drawing to a close the chief announced that the village would provide the sand, gravel, and rock that will be required for our house. This was a very unexpected surprise and we are praising the Lord for this generous support from the village. The village men and boys will gather this from the bush and bring it in so that the work of making bricks can be started.

We also met with two men manning the Social Action office in Niangoloko, our nearest small town, and talked with them about the needs and problems of the orphans and vulnerable children in our region. They warmly welcomed us and have promised to visit us in Kiminia in the next week or so. As in all of Burkina, the needs of the children is overwhelming.

Babou and surveyors

Today two surveyors from Banfora came to Kimini to survey the land that the village has given to us.

We met first in the chief's courtyard and then together walked over to our property. The men walked the circumference of the land twice, measuring and putting down concrete markers. They then returned to Banfora where they will produce a blueprint of the land. This blueprint will be included among the many papers needed to register the land in the name of Sheltering Wings.

Lots of activity! Lots of fun! And, tomorrow Linda and I will be leaving our pleasant air-conditioning and wifi in Banfora to return to our peaceful little village of Kimini. But, before leaving we did enjoy a visit to McDonald's. . . . Burkina Style!


ESolgos said...

This is so exciting! Staying tuned for more news from Kimini!

Jennifer said...

You never cease to amaze me Ruth! You are in my prayers. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything! Do you have a new address??

Shiloh*~ said...

I was there! (McDonald's, that is :) )