Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is there room for one more in your family?

Hi! My name is David.

David -
Born: either Oct 20, 2011 or March 1, 2010, probably the March, 2010 date

November, 2013, David looks to be in good health and looks to be about 3 ½ yrs old. He was abandoned as an infant near the intersection of a rural road.

David has bright eyes and is very engaging.  Although it is sometimes very difficult to get an accurate diagnosis here, David appears to be struggling with a mild to medium form of Cerebral Palsy. His motor skills are delayed. He walks well without help but he does fall a lot. His speech is impaired, possibly due to hearing loss. He has a noticeable crossed eye.

David needs a home where he can grow and flourish. He will need specialized care including physical therapy. He responds affectionately to love and touch


Flutterby4 said...

Hello, I have been reading your posts on your blog here and am very interested in your work. Having been raised in Burkina Faso myself as my parents were missionaries, I am very interested in finding out more! I was wondering if there was a way in which I could get in touch with you to get some more information on your work with the orphanage, e-mail maybe? Thanks!

Rick Lost said...

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